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Primax, the latest hearing aid family from Siemens, builds on the groundbreaking technology that was released in the binax family of hearing aids. Primax refers to ‘Prime’ technology with ‘Maximum’ performance.
Clinical trials at the University of Northern Colorado showed users of Siemens Primax hearing aids had significantly reduced listening effort throughout the day.
Primax is available in all styles from the very popular ‘Pure’ (Receiver-In-Canal), ‘Motion’ (Traditional Behind-The-Ear), and custom made ‘Insio’ range which includes the Completely-In-Canal (CIC) for an ‘invisible’ option.

Full List of Primax Features

Primax Styles

Siemens Primax Pure

Primax Pure – Fully Featured, Discreet and Elegant Option

Ideal for discerning wearers, the new Pure™ primax combines elegant sophistication with the power of primax technology in a RIC hearing aid. Small, stylish and superbly discreet, its premium design and high-end features deliver outstanding hearing so that wearers can hear effortlessly throughout the day.

Primax Pure Brochure

Primax Insio – Ultimate In Discretion

Insio is a custom option which is shaped exactly to the shape of the ear canal. It is available in the near invisible Completely-In-Canal (CIC) option which features an industry first one-mic directionality system for improved hearing in background noise. This feature was previously only available in behind the ear, or larger in the ear hearing aids. Siemens are the only manufacturer that offers this feature in a CIC device (pictured here).

Primax Insio Brochure
Siemens Primax Hearing Aids Insio

Siemens Primax Key Features

Siemens Primax SoundMaster

Primax SpeechMaster

SpeechMaster is the high level processing that orchestrates three key technologies:

  • Noise Reduction: to reduce background noise
  • Directionality: focuses on the direction of the desired speaker
  • Amplification: elevates the dominant speaker over all other sounds in any environment

SpeechMaster results in significantly reduces listening effort.

HD Music

The HD Music program delivers outstanding music fidelity for an amazing listening experience. Music lovers will appreciate the fuller, richer sound produced by Primax. Furthermore, the HD Music program can be fine tuned to be optimized for 3 unique forms of music:

  • Live Music – for those who attend live music venues, from classical or rock performances
  • Recorded Music – delivers an optimum sound quality for those who appreciate relaxing and listening to recorded music at home
  • Musician – a unique setting designed for musicians with hearing loss.
Siemens Primax HD Music
Siemens Primax EchoShield


EchoShield reduces echo in reverberant environments such as halls and churches by softening the reflected sound, resulting in improved sound clarity and reduced listening effort.


TwinPhone is compatible with all phones which enables the wearer to hear the telephone conversation through both hearing aids for significantly improved telephone conversations without the need for an additional accessory.

Siemens Primax TwinPhone

Full Connectivity

Primax Accessories Brochure


Connect your Primax hearing aids with any Bluetooth enabled device such as your mobile phone for hands free streaming of the phone conversation or your favourite music. The small, lightweight easyTek also functions as a discreet remote control for the hearing aids.

Siemens Primax easyTek

EasyTek App

Couple you Primax hearing aids, the easyTek and the easy Tek App for unprecedented control over how your hearing aids behave. With the easyTek app you can change hearing aid programs, adjust volume, tonal qualities of the hearing aid via SoundBalance, and with the Spatial Configurator you can easily control the span and focus of the directional microphones. You can also check the battery levels on your Primax hearing aids.

Siemens Primax Hearing Aids TouchControl

TouchControl App

Turn your mobile device into a discreet remote control for your Primax hearing aids without the need for any additional hardware. With the TouchControl app you can adjust volume, change programs, and even change the directionality via the Spatial Configurator (compatible with most binaural fittings of Primax 7 and Primax 5)

Siemens Primax easyTek app