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About Us

Trusted Audiologists
in Sydney and Central Coast

Fully Accredited Audiologists

When you trust Focus Hearing to improve your hearing, you can be sure that you will be seen by the most qualified staff available. Our audiologists are all university trained and, therefore, full members of ‘Audiology Australia.’

Following Best Practice Audiology procedures at all times, we are committed to giving you or your child the highest quality hearing care. Focus Hearing is also proud to be a member of the Hearing Business Alliance.

What Makes Focus Hearing
So Unique?

After working many years in the hearing aid business in Australia, it became clear that the privately funded hearing aid wearers needed an alternative option to the large (manufacturer-owned) clinic chains which have recently dominated the Australian market.

If you are reading this and you have taken the time to view our website, you will have noticed something different. We actually provide you with the information to help you better understand the various features of each manufacturer’s hearing aids, and we also openly inform you of the costs involved to improve your hearing. This transparent and honest approach, combined with our adherence to Best Practice Audiology guidelines, continues right through to your consultations with us.

Therefore, Focus Hearing was established to offer premium hearing aids from all the major manufacturers, along with a premium service, whilst saving you thousands of dollars. We are a full-service hearing aid clinic, which means our great pricing is COMPLETELY inclusive of the required fitting and follow-up appointments, in addition to unscheduled appointments for a period of 3 years.

Best Practice Audiology

At Focus Hearing, we pride ourselves on championing Best Practice Audiology.

Research has proven that this policy results in optimal hearing treatment outcomes. It strongly emphasises the quality of care, not just providing tests and hearing aids. With Focus Hearing, you become part of an efficient and structured system that ensures you are hearing at your absolute best.

It’s not enough for your audiologist to have excellent hearing technology. Your results and treatment can be compromised if your clinician doesn’t follow Best Practice guidelines. Hearing aids, hearing tests, earwax removal, and tinnitus assessments are only as good as the audiologist who performs them.

And our clinicians cut no corners.

During your appointment, our attention is 100 percent on you, and how we can help you achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our Audiologists

Kris Robinson Audiologist

Kris Robinson

Kris is the director and principal audiologist at Focus Hearing. Kris has been working in audiology private practice for 25 years now, since graduating from the University of Western Australia with First Class Honours, and completing his postgraduate Audiology Degree with the University of Melbourne.

Kris initially worked in private practice in Perth for 13 years before relocating back to his hometown of Sydney, where he started Focus Hearing in 2013. Since then, Focus Hearing has grown from a single premises in Crows Nest to also offering audiological services to the Central Coast and the Northern Beaches.

“I have a deep passion for assisting people who are motivated to improve their hearing. I understand that making the initial decision to improve your hearing can be both quite emotional and daunting with the amount of information available. My aim is to make the process as smooth as possible and for each person to feel comfortable with the process.”

“I also know that in most cases, although the fitting of a hearing aid is an essential component to improving hearing outcomes, the hearing aid alone cannot solve all the issues. It is imperative that each person understands the critical role brain adaptation plays in a successful outcome. I work hard to ensure that each person has this information and will therefore have the best opportunity for a successful outcome.”

In his spare time, Kris loves to spend time with his wife and two teenage children, and his ‘happy place’ is either surfing on the Northern Beaches or snow skiing with the family.

Hoa Tran

Hoa is an audiologist with an eclectic background. She holds a Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Diploma in Orchestral Performance, specialising in Classic Flute.

Hoa is an audiologist with an eclectic background. Before audiology, Hoa obtained a Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Diploma in Orchestral Performance, specialising in Classic Flute. She has worked as a classical flautist both in Australia and overseas. Hoa has also had a career in the retail sector, developing a passion for interacting with and assisting people from all walks of life. This led her to explore the field of audiology.

Hoa has a Master of Clinical Audiology from Macquarie University and is a fully accredited member of Audiology Australia. She has provided hearing services across the state of New South Wales, from Broken Hill to Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Hoa approaches each of her clients with openness, patience and empathy. She understands that hearing technology can be overwhelming. So, as simple, or as complicated a solution as you like, Hoa will work with you to help achieve your hearing goals. Her aim is to have you feeling comfortable and confident in incorporating hearing aids into your daily life.


No Compromises in Service

As we follow Best Practice Audiology, at Focus Hearing, there are no compromises in the service you receive. Our level of service has been specifically designed for the experienced hearing aid user. When you choose Focus Hearing to supply you with your next set of hearing aids, you will be booked in for a comprehensive fitting appointment with our audiologist.

In addition to programming the hearing aid to your results and ensuring the physical fit is perfect, the face-to-face appointment allows the audiologist to run a number of important tests to ensure the hearing aid is performing to its maximum. These include:

  • Feedback tests: to minimise any annoying feedback or whistling.
  • Aided speech tests: to determine the benefit the hearing aid is giving you when listening to real words.

At Focus Hearing, you are not required to pay for your hearing aid until the completion of the fitting appointment. You then have the peace of mind of our 45-day money back-guarantee.


Our Audiologist

At Focus Hearing, we offer a variety of hearing services for adults and children, including:

Our Audiologist
Clinic Locations

With hearing aid clinics in three locations in Sydney and Central Coast, our audiologists are able to meet you at a location that’s convenient to you. Our locations include Focus Hearing Crows Nest, Sydney, Focus Hearing Mona Vale, Northern Beaches, Sydney and Focus Hearing Erina, Central Coast.