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Best Practice Audiology

Our Guarantee to You

“Just as important as the type of hearing aid selected, is one that has been programmed in accordance with Best Practice Audiology. In other words, unless your hearing aid has been programmed in accordance with Best Practice Audiology, your hearing aid outcomes could be severely compromised.”

Kris Robinson, Focus Hearing Audiologist

Best Practice Audiology is a comprehensive set of verified hearing aid selection, fitting, and programming protocols that when adhered to allow for optimum hearing outcomes with your hearing aids.

It begins with a thorough assessment of hearing, communication needs, lifestyle, and preferences. This includes full diagnostic testing, speech-in-noise testing, and discussion of daily listening situations. Based on this assessment, the audiologist collaborates with you to select appropriate hearing aid technology, style, and features in line with Best Practice Audiology.

But it doesn’t stop there. During the fitting process, verification of the hearing aids settings via real ear measurements (REMs) are performed to ensure that the amplification provided by the hearing aids matches not only your hearing test, but tailors the amplification to ear individual ear canal. A truly customised prescription.

Additionally, Best Practice Audiology involves thorough counselling and education to help you adjust to wearing hearing aids and to maximize their benefits. This may include instruction on proper insertion and removal, care and maintenance of hearing aids, as well as strategies for communication and listening in various environments.

Overall, Best Practice Audiology prioritises individualised care, evidence-based practices, and ongoing support to ensure optimal outcomes and satisfaction for all patients.


Focus Hearing is proud to be one of the first clinics in Australia to be a member of the HearingUp Network, a global network of independent audiologists dedicated to providing Best Practice Audiology.


Hearing Tests From an Independent Hearing Test Centre

Focus Hearing gives you a complete understanding of your hearing ability through a consultation, including looking at your hearing history, health, and a full diagnostic test.

This is the only proper way how to check hearing loss, not with a quick 15-minute ‘screening test’ offered by some centres.

If You’re Looking for a Hearing Test Near Me, Please Message Us and Request a Call Back From Our Audiologist