Call or email us at Focus Hearing to discuss the latest from Siemens hearing aid technology, including the revolutionary binax hearing aid. You could save thousands on the price of a pair of Siemens hearing aids.

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  • Price Range (per ear)
  • Available models
  • Number of Channels
  • High Res adaptive Twin Mic system
  • Directional Speech Enhancement
  • High Res Speech Focus
  • Extended Bandwidth
  • Sound Smoothing
  • eWindScreen
  • Feedback Canceller
  • miniTek and Tek Accessories
Premium (Binax 7)
  • $3150-$3950
  • Pure, Life, Ace, Aquaris*
  • 48
Advanced (Binax 5)
  • $2250- $2950
  • Pure, Life, Aquaris*
  • 32
Standard (3mi)
  • $1950-$2300
  • Pure, Life, Ace, Aquaris*
  • 24

*The Aquaris range of hearing aids are rated as completely waterproof