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Hearing Aids

Independent Hearing Aid Choice of Technology & Style

Hearing Aid Specialist

Focus Hearing is a completely independent, Australian-owned audiology and hearing aid clinic that has been helping Australians to improve their hearing health for over 24 years. Being an independent clinic means we are not owned or affiliated with a manufacturer, unlike the vast majority of large chains operating in Australia.

Our hearing aid pricing, fees and charges are identical across all the major manufacturers and technology levels, so you can be confident in the fact that when we recommend a particular solution, we are doing so because it is considered the most suited to your hearing results and lifestyle.

And, with a constant focus on following Best Practice Audiology processes, you’re assured the optimum hearing outcomes.

Hearing Aid Clinic

As Focus Hearing is independent, we give you a choice of hearing aids and hearing aid technology.

Styles and Types of Hearing Aids


Receiver in Canal

  • Most popular
  • Behind the ear
  • Discreet
  • Fully-featured
  • Rechargeable option
  • Bluetooth

In the Canal

  • Mild-to-medium auditory challenges
  • Easy to handle
  • Rechargeable option
  • Fully-featured
  • Custom-fit to the contour of your ear

Completely in Canal/Invisible in Canal (CIC/IIC)

  • In ear hearing aids that are discreet and can be invisible
  • Disposable batteries
  • Mild-to-medium auditory challenges
  • Small hearing aids
  • Custom made

Behind the Ear

  • Best suited to profound hearing loss
  • Fully-featured
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Best hearing aids for seniors with severe hearing loss
  • Variety of colours available

Independent = Choice of Style

At Focus Hearing, we offer a range of hearing aid styles to suit your hearing test results and preferences. It is important to note that some hearing aid styles are better suited to certain hearing losses. Therefore, our audiologist will help you understand the differences to ensure you make the correct decision.

Independent = Choice of Technology Level

Hearing aids come in a range of technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Hearing aids in the ‘premium’ end of the technology range will include the most effective noise reduction features for optimum hearing in background noise. Whereas, hearing aids at the ‘essential’ end of the technology range are well suited to more quiet lifestyles. Your Focus Hearing audiologist will help you find a solution which best matches your lifestyle and budget.


Independent = Choice of Features

All hearing aids prescribed by Focus Hearing will be programmed to your unique hearing test results and will have a positive impact on improving your hearing clarity. Furthermore, most hearing aids will have common features, such as Bluetooth hearing aids or rechargeable batteries.

Each hearing brand will often have a unique feature that will set them apart from the others. Therefore, depending on your lifestyle, one solution may be better suited to your specific needs over another. Your audiologist at Focus Hearing will help you navigate and understand these different features.


Support Brain Function


In-Ear Rechargeable


Ease of Use


Active Lifestyle


Completely In Canal With Bluetooth


Health Monitoring


Windy Conditions


Waterproof Hearing Aids

Independent = Choice of Manufacturer

Focus Hearing offers hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers. These manufacturers have been at the forefront of hearing aid technology for decades and offer outstanding all-inclusive warranties for a minimum of three years.


Independent = Following Best Practice Audiology Processes

Focus Hearing prioritises Best Practice Audiology, proven by research to deliver optimal results. We go beyond tests and aids, offering a structured system for exceptional hearing. Our expert clinicians provide personalised care that maximises your or your child’s hearing potential.

We Have a Large Choice of Inexpensive Hearing Aids To Suit Your Test Results and Lifestyle.

How Much do Hearing Aids Cost?

Hearing Aid Price Guarantee

At Focus Hearing, not only have we tailored our services specifically to the privately funded hearing aid wearers of Australia, but we are also accredited for DVA, WorkCover and the Hearing Services Program for pensioners. This enables us to offer our hearing aids at prices significantly lower than the manufacturer-owned chains that dominate the Australian market.

Our pricing has been carefully calculated to ensure you can obtain hearing aids at fair and reasonable prices while also guaranteeing our continued presence to support your hearing health care. Pricing is transparent, with costs varying depending on the style and brand of the hearing aid.

Unlike some new hearing aid providers, we are not in a ‘race to the bottom’ as far as pricing and service are concerned. Instead, our interest is achieving the best outcomes for patients who are motivated by Quality of Hearing Care. Find out more about the hearing aids we offer.

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As an experienced hearing aid user, it doesn’t take very long to determine whether your new hearing aids are suited to your needs. However, despite this, we still offer you a no-questions-asked 45-day money-back guarantee to give you total peace of mind.

Our 45-day money-back guarantee is in addition to the full manufacturer’s warranty, which is usually 3-5 years from the date of purchase. Extended manufacturer’s warranties can be requested at the time of ordering the hearing aid. The cost of the extended warranty will be added to the final hearing aid invoice.

Our Pricing

Have some peace of mind with our ALL-INCLUSIVE pricing structure:

Initial hearing aid assessment: Full audiological testing with a comprehensive speech-in-noise test.

Your chosen hearing aid(s) with full manufacturer’s warranty: In most cases, this is between 3-5 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Hearing aid fitting appointments: To thoroughly explain all aspects of the hearing aids, training on how to use them effectively and programming to your specific hearing loss requirements.

Follow-up appointment (usually 2 weeks post fitting): To check on your progress and level of improvement. This is where we can make some fine-tuning adjustments to meet your specific requirements.

Second follow-up appointment (usually 6 weeks post fitting): To ensure satisfaction and that outcomes have been achieved.

Annual hearing and hearing aid reviews: To check if there have been any changes to hearing levels and, if necessary, make adjustments to the hearing aid settings.

Ongoing support packages of 3 years: This may include but is not limited to: hearing aid adjustments, further instruction, hearing aid repairs, fine-tuning, and earwax removal for optimal hearing aid performance.

Peace of mind with our 45-day satisfaction guarantee: If, for whatever reason, you decide not to proceed or want to change your choice of hearing aid, you can do so within 45 days of the hearing aid fitting date.

To Find Out More About Our Peace of Mind Hearing Aid Price Structure and Guarantees.

Focus Hearing

Improve your hearing health with a hearing aid, and choose from a choice of reputable brands.

Here at Focus Hearing, we give you solutions suited to your hearing results and lifestyle. Following Best Practice Audiology guidelines, we provide specialist consultations and we understand untreated hearing loss doesn’t just mean you don’t hear as well as you’d like.

Enjoy sound again with hearing aids from Focus Hearing.

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