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Focus Hearing — Our Mona Vale Hearing Clinic

Independent Hearing Test Centre on the Northern Beaches

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Mona Vale Independent Hearing Aid and Ear Test Specialist

Our Mona Vale address: myHealth Medical Centre, Pittwater Place Shopping Centre, Level 1, Suite 7, 10 Park St, Mona Vale, NSW 2103

Phone: (02) 8402 1202

Focus Hearing is an audiologist centre in Mona Vale that offers professional and independent hearing healthcare services.

We are conveniently located in the Pittwater Place Shopping Centre, which means that we can provide our hearing services to residents of the Northern Beaches. Focus Hearing provides excellent patient care, a wide choice of hearing aids from many manufacturers, and other hearing services.

We look at your lifestyle and budget requirements with a consultation and assessment and tailor our services to suit. Our pledge to continually follow Best Practice Audiology procedures assures you the foremost hearing health outcomes.

With Focus Hearing Mona Vale, you are able to get the advantages of:

✔ Convenient location.

✔ Independent expert advice with no affiliations with specific manufacturers.

✔ Fully trained audiologists.

✔ Over two decades of hearing experience.

✔ Complete hearing services.

✔ Best Practice Audiology — proven to deliver optimal treatment outcomes.

✔ Transparent pricing ensures value for money.

✔ Money-back satisfaction guarantees.

✔ Friendly and professional attention.

Focus Hearing Mona Vale Clinic Services

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Hearing Tests

Here at Focus Hearing Mona Vale, our hearing tests for adults are thorough and include an initial consultation, inner/middle ear examination, and QuickSIN speech-in-noise testing. This means a more detailed test than ‘free’ screening tests offered by some of the other hearing centres. Child hearing tests are available at our Crows Nest clinic.

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Hearing Aids

Here at Focus Hearing Mona Vale, we are an independent hearing clinic and that means we are not affiliated with or owned by a particular hearing aid manufacturer. Because we are independent, we can give you a large choice of hearing aids, so you can choose the style, manufacturers, technology, and features that you need for your lifestyle and budget.

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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction is the preferred type of earwax removal for ear specialists (ENTs) and audiologists due to its safety record and effectiveness. By using a light suction, it removes the wax from the ear canal with no messy liquids (unlike ear syringing) or pain

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Tinnitus Mona Vale

People who have whistling/ringing in the ears (called tinnitus) understandably need to know if there is a cure. Well, the cause of tinnitus determines if and how it can be treated. At Focus Hearing, we look at what can be done about your tinnitus with a detailed tinnitus assessment. Then, we are able to recommend the most suitable treatment with sound generators, wax removal, sound therapy, apps and management programs available.

Custom Made Ear Plugs

Custom Made Ear Plugs

We can create comfortable custom-moulded earplugs for a number of uses:

  • Noise protection
  • Loud workplace situations
  • Musicians
  • Shooting
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping
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Specialised Hearing Tests

Here at Focus Hearing, we also offer other services on top of our adult and children’s hearing tests. We offer hearing examinations and consultation for employment or your hobbies:

  • Hearing tests for pilots — as required by the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).
  • Hearing tests for occupational noise damage claims.
  • Workplace hearing tests.
  • Pensioner hearing tests (Hearing Services Program).
  • WorkCover (workers compensation) assessments.
  • Pre-employment medical examinations.
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) assessments.

Contact Focus Hearing Clinic, Mona Vale, Northern Beaches

Our Mona Vale Clinic Contact Details

Address: myHealth Medical Centre, Pittwater Place Shopping Centre, Level 1, Suite 7, 10 Park St, Mona Vale, NSW 2103

Phone: (02) 8402 1202

Email: enquiries@focushearing.com.au

Parking: We are conveniently located on Level 1 of the Pittwater Place Shopping Centre. There are two options for the free 3-hour parking at the shopping centre.

Rooftop parking is available from the entrance off Park Street. Take the ramp up to the rooftop car park, and you can then enter the shopping centre at the same level as our clinic. Disabled parking is also available here.

You can also enter the car park from Darley Street for ground floor parking. Once inside the shopping centre, take the lift to Level 1, and you will immediately see the myHealth medical centre. Enter here, and the friendly staff will assist.

Focus Hearing Mona Vale, Northern Beaches FAQs

Do You Provide Hearing Tests for Kids at Focus Hearing Mona Vale?

No, we provide comprehensive hearing tests for children aged 6 years and over at our Crows Nest clinic. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

How Long Does a Mona Vale Hearing Test Take?

Allow 1 hour for your hearing test as our assessments are detailed.

Mona Vale Isn't Convenient for Me — Do You Have Other Hearing Clinics?

If our Focus Hearing Mona Vale clinic is not close to your home or where you work, we also have hearing centres in Erina and Crows Nest. Contact us for an appointment.

What Services Are Available at the Mona Vale Hearing Test Centre?

At Mona Vale Focus Hearing clinic, we offer services that include adult and specialised hearing tests, microsuction, hearing aids, custom earplugs, and tinnitus treatment.

Do You Offer Walk-In Hearing Tests at Focus Hearing Mona Vale?

You need an appointment to attend our Mona Vale clinic as you need time for a thorough assessment and the services of a trained audiologist. Call us to arrange an appointment.

Reach Out to Us if You Have More Questions About
Focus Hearing Mona Vale