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Phonak Audeo B Direct

October 2017 saw Phonak release the latest member of the Belong family of hearing aids, called the Phonak Audeo B Direct.

Phonak Audeo Direct represents an industry first, which allows it to directly stream mobile phone calls from either the iPhone or Android platform to the hearing aids without the need for an additional neck worn accessory.

And of course this breakthrough is built on the proven Belong hearing aid platform which offers outstanding sound quality in all listening situations, and is packaged in an extremely discreet style. The Audeo B Direct is available in a range of technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Key Features

  • Is available in Phonak’s most popular style of hearing aid, the Audeo Receiver-In-Canal.
  • The Audeo B Direct is available in a range of technology levels: B90, B70 and B50 to suit your budget and lifestyle. See the Features button below for more specific details and indicative pricing
  • Direct streaming of mobile phone calls to any iPhone or Android phone.
  • Direct streaming of the television signal to the hearing aids via the Phonak TV Connector
  • Available in a variety of colours to match your skin tone or hair colour.
  • IP 68 water and dust resistance for improved durability
Audeo B Features and Pricing
Phonak Audeo B Direct Hearing Aid

Direct Audio Streaming

With the Audeo Direct hearing aid Phonak caters to all users of mobile phones, allowing for true hands free communication. Audeo Direct is compatible with all Bluetooth™ devices* including iPhone, Android and even non Smartphone devices.

When a phone call comes in, you hear the phone ringing via the hearing aids. You are then able to answer the phone call with a simple press of a button on the hearing aids (or from the phone itself) and you then hear the phone call with outstanding clarity in the ear of your choice.

During the phone call your voice is picked up by the hearing aid microphones, which then automatically send it to your phone. Therefore you do not even need to take the phone out of your pocket or bag. In fact your phone may be on the other side of the room the entire time.


* all phones using Bluetooth™ 4.2GHz technology

Stream TV audio directly to your Phonak Audeo Direct hearing aids via the new TV Connector accessory.

Using AirStream™ technology, the simple plug and play set up of the TV Connector allows for stereo sound quality so you never have to miss a word.

You can also easily adjust the volume and levels via the new, smart remote app.

Phonak Audeo Direct TV Connector
Phonak Direct Remote App

Download the Phonak Remote App from the Apple App store or Google Play store to turn your phone into a discreet, wireless remote control for your Direct hearing aids.

Via the app you can change hearing aid programs, adjust volume for both hearing aids. Even adjust the sound balance of the TV compared to the background noises in the room.

Phonak Remote App Logo

NEW AutoSense OS

Phonak AutoSense

Following on from the outstanding success of Phonak’s Venture platform of hearing aids which were the first to utilise the AutoSense operating system, Phonak have improved this further for the new Audeo B family of hearing aids. AutoSense OS automatically adapts to every sound environment, without the need for manual adjustment. The key improvements for the new AutoSense operating system inlcude

  • Improved understanding in noise: 60% improvement (versus without hearing aids)  in speech understanding in noise due to Belong’s ability to zoom in on a single voice in background noise
  • 20% better speech understanding: due to Belong’s ability to automatically  select the most appropriate settings in a large variety of listening situations
  • 37% reduction in listening effort in the car
  • 10% improvement in soft speech understanding
  • More natural music quality