There are two main ways you can select your hearing aids from Focus Hearing.

Arrange a Consultation from your Home or Office

If you already have a recent copy of your hearing test results, you can  head straight to our Contact Us page so you can upload your test to Focus Hearing and arrange a telephone or online consultation at a time which is convenient to you.

During this consultation our audiologist will review your results and discuss your listening needs. You will also be asked what you liked and didn’t like about your previous hearing aids. Following this our audiologist will offer some suggestions that best suit your results and listening needs.

Alternatively you may know the hearing aid you require. There are a number of reasons why someone may know exactly what type of hearing aid they require:

  • You may have been recommended a hearing aid elsewhere and/or successfully trialled it
  • You are seeking a comparison quote or 2nd opinion
  • You may be replacing a lost hearing aid
  • You may be looking to upgrade from an existing fitting
  • Or for those who absolutely rely on their hearing aids for everyday activities, they may wish to have a spare hearing aid as a back up

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If however, the hearing aid you have requested is not suited to the hearing test you have provided, our audiologist will immediately explain why this is the case and suggest a more appropriate alternative. In most instances, the alternate hearing aid will be one from the same manufacturer.

When the specific hearing aid has been selected, Focus Hearing will email you details of your order, and a fitting appointment at our clinic will be arranged at a time convenient to you. Payment for the hearing aids is not required until the completion of the fitting appointment. You then are covered by our 30day money back guarantee (click here for details).

Arrange a consultation at one of our clinics

You can contact Focus Hearing to arrange a comprehensive hearing test at our clinic where your hearing aid options will be disussed with you in detail.

Focus Hearing offers a full range of hearing assessments (see our page of services). Whether it be an assessment for a new set of hearing aids or a tinnitus assessment Focus Hearing has you covered.

For those with tinnitus, Focus Hearing offers full tinnitus assessments which incorporate a complete hearing test and measurements on your tinnitus perception. For more details on tinnitus and the treatment options click here.