Siemens binax Hearing Aids

Siemens binax hearing aids in sydney

Focus Hearing now offers the latest hearing aids from Siemens, called binax. Two independent clinical trials showed that in noisy situations such as a cocktail party, binax wearers were able to understand speech better than people with normal hearing. Binax is available in three levels of technology: binax 7, binax 5 and binax 3


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binax Styles

[column size=”2-3″][spacer size=”25″]Siemens next generation BestSound Technology in binax is now available in all styles from the very popular and discreet Receiver In Canal (RIC) to the virtually invisible Completely In Canal (CIC) style. Your audiologist at Focus Hearing can help you understand which style is best suited to your needs.[/column]

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[column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]And in a world first, Siemens binax directionality is now available in the CIC style in a binaural set up, thanks to technology which allows the two hearing aids to communicate and share information with each other to determine where sounds are coming from, and focus on speech coming from in front of the wearer.[/column]


Three binax features: binaxGuide, binaxFocus and binaxSound operate automatically to provide the best listening experience


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In addition to the automatic function, the Span feature on the Spatial Configurator allows the wearer to individually adjust the span or width of the directional microphone beams, thereby deciding on how much of their environment they want to hear.[/column][column size=”1-2″][spacer size=”50″]The Direction feature, allows the wearer to choose the direction of where their microphones should be focused: front, back or to the side. [/column]

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Spatial SpeechFocus and narrow directionality  automatically allows wearers to focus on their desired speech source whether it comes from the front, side or behind (eg in the car). When focusing on speech from the front, the narrow directionality helps the wearers understand speech in noisy situations even better than people with normal hearing.


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binaxSound maintains excellent sound quality even in challenging situations such as wind. This is especially important for those who enjoy outdoor activities. In windy situations the eWindScreen feature automatically transfers the audio signal from the hearing aid with the better sound quality to the wind affected side. This reducing the annoying effects of wind without compromising speech intelligibility.


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binax eWindScreen


easyTek and easyTek app

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easyTek is a lightweight accessory for your binax hearing aids that allows you to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iPod’s, iPad’s and iPhone’s. easyTek enables wireless streaming of audio signals such as phone calls and music directly to your binax hearing aids.

easyTek App is an ultra-discreet way to remotely control your binax hearing aids. Wearer’s appear as they are checking their smartphone, yet can quickly control the hearing aid settings when required.