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Focus Hearing Testimonials

At Focus Hearing, whilst we are confident that our pricing is the most competitive you will find, we consider our service to be what really sets us apart.

Our service starts with your first enquiry, where we aim to answer all your questions openly and honestly and help you understand what is important in making a decision about your hearing. Our service continues through the whole process including the initial consultation, fitting and follow up appointments.

This is reflected in what our patients have to say about us. Pricing may have been the reason they first contacted us, but as you can see from their testimonials the common element is our service. So if you are considering improving your hearing, give Focus Hearing a call and let us help you through the process.

Focus Hearing Testimonials

“Over a three year period I have consulted around 5 audiology clinics on the North Shore.

After reading very positive reviews about Kris at Focus Hearing I made contact and had another audiogram with similar results to previous tests. I was so impressed with Kris from our first meeting. He had a lovely gentle manner and explained the technical issues and suggested that Oticon Opn with rechargable batteries would be my best bet. I received my Oticon aids one week later made to my prescription. I found them to be very comfortable,easy to insert and almost invisible. I have not looked back and feel like I have joined the human race again. Only regret was  that I did not consult Kris earlier.”


“Having had my Phonak hearing aids for 12 months now, I want to let you know how marvelous they are and what a difference they have made to my daily life.  I wear them all day, every day, because they are very comfortable and give me such clear, sharp hearing.  I’ve been so surprised to hear the sound of a clock ticking, car indicators, etc and, best of all to feel I can communicate better with those around me, and at meetings where microphones are not used.  As a bonus, I love being able to answer my mobile with one touch on my hearing aid (even though people think I’m talking to myself).

You were recommended to me by a friend who has major hearing problems, and from the first consultation I had immediate confidence in you, so I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone feeling nervous about the possibility of needing aids.

As we age, it’s so important to be listened to and I found you took every care to listen, and explain all aspects of the testing and type of problem I have.   Thank you so much for your professional approach and great ongoing service, which I very much appreciate. Kind regards”

Margaret U

“I have struggled to come to terms with the fact I need hearing devices. I am still young and not proud to say my ignorance towards hearing loss and devices has always been towards elderly people.

However, after way too many embarrassing moments, I realised I needed help. A few months ago, I went to an audiologist who allowed me to trial a few different types of devices, however, he suggested I stop being stupid and get over my issues associated with the cosmetic stigma. He recommended I purchase a ‘funky’ coloured pair of Behind The Ear devices in order to stand out and make a statement and to overcome my issues which he didn’t understand.

The audiologist tried to convince me that the best and most suitable option was the BTE (the most visible) device, along with the advanced technology as apparently this is what I needed. Obviously, these devices came with a hefty price tag of almost $9000.

I did not commit to those devices, nor did I return to that centre, instead I went home and researched my options. I then found Kris from Focus Hearing. I sent off an inquiry late that night, and immediately the following morning I received a phone call from Kris inviting me in for a consultation. Immediately I knew I had found someone professional. From the moment I met Kris, I felt completely comfortable. Kris was very sympathetic and supportive and fully listened to my concerns and needs. Kris conducted his own hearing tests and was very thorough making sure he captured everything he needed to know about my hearing loss before giving his professional diagnosis and recommendations. Kris even demonstrated my test results on the white board to ensure I fully understood my actual hearing loss and why he recommended the devices he did.

Guess What? I did not need the top of the range hearing devices for my level of hearing loss, nor was the BTE devices my only option. Kris suggested I consider the silk devices which sit discretely inside the ear canal and are more comfortable in comparison to the custom-made inner ear devices. The biggest surprise was the price. Kris saved me several thousand dollars.

I was surprised how well the silk fitted in my ear, not to mention the comfortability in comparison to the custom-made inner ear devices. The sound is excellent and very natural. The only adjustment I needed was to increase the sleeve size from small to medium to fit my inner ear better, but that all part of the initial process as the silk is not custom made to fit.

At the end of the day, Kris is just amazing. He takes his time to explain everything. He is respectful and genuinely cares about your needs and concerns and will do whatever he can to accommodate.

Kris, you are a true credit to yourself and your business and although I am feeling quite challenged with the initial stages of wearing these devices for the first time, however, I know I have your ongoing support and help. Since meeting you Kris, I have developed a different mindset and respect for my current and future hearing needs and just how important my ability to hear properly will greatly impact my quality of life.”


“I have used several audiologists over the 20 or so years that I have had hearing aids. None have given the quality of service and attention that I received from Focus Hearing. Unlike make audiologists, Focus is not owned by or tied to any supplier so can offer a wide range of brands. Kris is determined to give the client what he or she needs and encourages them to return until completely satisfied. I am very happy with the hearing aids I was prescribed and with the follow up service. I have no hesitation in recommending Focus to anyone need advice or help with hearing problems”

Ken Nielsen

“Despite the fact that my partner kept telling me I was going deaf, I didn’t believe it until I met up with a friend in a noisy restaurant and realised that I was nodding like I understood what she was saying but I really was only catching a few words in the sentence and guessing the rest. I live in Newcastle NSW, so I asked around and it was suggested I go to a hearing clinic at the Kotara shopping centre. I made an appointment and appeared at the requested time – the person I saw was very nice – she tested my hearing and told me I did need hearing aids and she recommended Oticon as the brand of choice. She then told me that there were three levels of Oticon hearing aid for me to consider which ranged in price from around $5,000+ to $13,000+. I got the impression that the price range was quality based and if I could afford it, the $13,000 model had all the bells and whistles. $13,000 is a lot of money, particularly when you don’t think you’re really deaf, so I asked for the associated brochures to enable me to consider my options and off I headed home to contemplate my up-coming purchase. Once home, I read the brochures through and decided that as I didn’t really think I needed to top of the range, I’d go for the middle of the range which was around $8,000, but I didn’t feel I was making an informed decision – how deaf was I, what did I really need, were these hearing aids cheaper elsewhere? When in doubt – Google it. I came across the Focus Hearing site – I perused the website, read the testimonials and sent an email asking what they could do for me, I did mention the brand and model that had been recommended to me, later that day I received an email from Mr Kris Robinson – his response follows:

The short answer to your question is, a pair of the Oticon Alta 2 Pro hearing aids is $7500. However, these were superseded late 2016 by Oticon’s newest technology called Opn, which is available in varying levels of technology. Therefore it would be unusual to still be fitting and recommending the Alta family. For more information on the Opn technology please refer to the following link, focushearing.com.au/oticon-opn There isn’t much difference in cost as pair of the equivalent technology (Premium) in the Opn range is $7750.

The website informed me that Focus Hearing works from both Sydney and also the Central Coast, so I made an appointment to meet with Kris on the Central Coast within a day or two. Kris explained to me that in order to establish which technology level of hearing aid would best suit me (unlike the other clinic) he needed to do a ‘speech in noise’ test. This test took only a few minutes and once completed, Kris said that although he deals in a number of types of hearing aids, he did think the Oticon brand was best suited for me, but not the Alta 2 that I was considering, but the OPN. A week later, I had my new hearing aids personally fitted by Kris and the cost was $5,600, so Kris had saved me around $2,400. I could keep writing as I was very impressed by the professionalism and cost saving afforded by Focus. I particularly appreciated his forthright approach to my assessment and then the purchase of the relevant aids. Kris provided the necessary coaching and education and was really attuned to what I needed to understand and how best to help me feel confident in their use.”

Maxine Martin

“Thank you for the best job on my new hearing aids, the Phonak Titanium B90 . Your price was the best price I could find on the Internet , which was the reason I first went to you . I could not expect any better service or a more excellent audiologist . I wear my hearing aids all day, every day as they are so comfortable. They have no chance of falling out or being seen , which to me was a big selling point for this brand and type, great product!!! I can now go to crowded places and have a conversation and hear what is being said . I listen to songs on the radio and hear the words clearly . I work around heavy machinery and even grinding in a workshop they work as Personal Ear Protectors for my ears . I would be happy to recommend Kris to anyone and would also be happy for anyone to contact me on my experience. Cheers.”


“The service I received from Kris exceeded my expectations. This is my second hearing aid and I am amazed at the difference in my new hearing aid compared to my old one, I wish I had known about Focus Hearing the first time around. Kris is very knowledgible and was happy to answer all my questions. The hearing aid arrived in a few days and he programmed it on the spot, no waiting, he made the whole process straight forward and stress free. The sound quality and range I’m hearing is far superior to the first one as Kris gets the programming right based on a thorough hearing test but the biggest surprise was the price – HALF the price of the first one which was sold to me by a large well known chain. I highly recommend Focus Hearing, I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as I was with the service from beginning to end.”


“My discovery of Focus Hearing was a breakthrough. I found in Kris Robinson a highly experienced, professional yet independent audiologist who listened to my specific needs and helped me choose the best hearing aids for my purpose. His recommendation of Siemens/Signia units was reassuring because it enabled me to replace my previous Siemens units with the latest technology. I cannot recommend Kris highly enough for his care, and his competitive prices.”


“I purchased my first hearing aid in 2013, however when my son planned to get married on the beach, I decided to upgrade to a newer model in order to improve my hearing. I wanted to hear every word of the ceremony, I went back to my original hearing aid provider to be told that the hearing aid that would best suit me would cost over $11,000. I was staggered, When I got home that day I decided to investigate the cost elsewhere. I rang around and spoke to several audiologists and received a range of quotes – and I eventually found Focus Hearing. I spoke to Kristian Robinson, who gave me a quotation by email which was based on the very same make and model of hearing aid as I had been quoted originally and he advised that the cost would include a hearing test and follow up appointments. The cost difference was almost $5000. I made an appointment and met with Kristian the same week. I explained that I wanted to have my new hearing aid in time for the wedding which was just one week later. Kristian pulled out all stops to make that happen. I had my hearing test and my new hearing aid fitted within a week. Since then I have had two follow-up appointments (which were included in the cost of the hearing aid) just to make adjustments to the settings and to change the in-ear device of the aid.My experience with Kristian Robinson, Focus Hearing has been exemplary. I am not normally one for providing testimonials but in this case I made an exception. I must say that I have found Kristian to be the most helpful individual who is genuinely concerned that my hearing aid works as well as can be for me. I would recommend Focus Hearing to anyone seeking to find a genuine hearing aid provider who offers hearing devices at an affordable cost and a level of service that is second-to-none. I could not imagine receiving better service anywhere.”

Christina Scaif

“I was quite reluctant to make an appointment for hearing aids, which I knew I needed. Right from the first appointment I felt comfortable and positive in Kris’s care. Kris was very good at explaining that my brain needed to relearn how to hear. After wearing the hearing aids for a period of time, now during our office meetings I now feel much more comfortable and involved. Kris very patiently listened to all my feedback and explained all available options to address my concerns. Kris also made a lot of effort to fine tuning the hearing aid to suit my individual requirements. For people who think hearing aids don’t work, it can at first be frustrating, however well tuned hearing aids from professionals like Kris will provide people like me an improved quality of life. Working with a professional like Kris who is patient, knowledgeable and experienced, makes all the difference. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Focus Hearing. Kris enjoys his work, enjoys helping people and is a genuine person. I am positive that every Focus Hearing patient will be equally as satisfied as me.”

Jay Loganathan

“Just a brief note to let you know how delighted I am, not only with the Siemens Pure binax 7 hearing aids, but with the excellent service I received from you. I have been a user of hearing aids for over twenty years, so I am experienced in expectation of the products. The aids that I purchased from you exceeded all expectations. The cost of the product from you was far less than other’s selling the same product, and your service was outstanding. Having been guided through all the usage processes, I am delighted with all aspects of doing business with you. You have made my decision to buy from you , the best choice. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to family and friends.”

Vitaly Shparberg

“I am 69 and have just bought my fourth pair of hearing aids; the Siemens Pure Binax 7.Having taught ‘purchasing management’ at a tertiary level, I approached my hearing aid purchase using professional supply sourcing principles. I conducted a wide ranging survey of the market place, including many local and overseas sources/technologies, and made appropriate enquiries. My decision to buy from Focus Hearing was based on several important criteria. First, I appreciated the fact that their transparent website listed prices, unlike most opposition suppliers who indulged in meaningless (misleading) claims such as “cheapest”, “best service”, etc. I then verified that Focus did indeed offer very competitive pricing. I dug a little deeper into this because ‘cheaper price’ can often mean degradation of product or service. Kris was very open and explained his business model to me, which helped me understand why he could offer full service while remaining highly competitive price-wise. (I appreciated his frank, open style.) I did locate a couple of overseas websites that offered direct (and cheaper) supply for the same product, however after having used hearing aids for 15 years, I was very conscious of the need for strong local technical support, without which it would be impossible to get the full benefits offered by these ultra hi-tech devices. I spoke to Kris at Focus several times before making a final commitment, where I detected a man dedicated to his profession, unwilling to take short cuts. Once I purchased the Binax 7 aids I attended Focus’s office for installation and explanation of their features and usage. Kris was extremely thorough and unrushed, making sure that I clearly understood the proper operation and care of the Siemens products. I received a follow up contact a week or so afterwards, where Kris checked on my satisfaction level. He also had me come in 3 weeks later to double-check the operation of the aids, which he accurately assessed using the incorporated software. I had had two issues to report. First, although extremely satisfied with the overall performance of the aids, there was one area where I hoped some adjustment would be made (I found high frequency sounds such as women’s voices, with loud background noise, still a little hard to hear). Kris adjusted the aids to enhance my hearing in this area. Also, I had had difficulty with the easyTek accessory supplied with the aids, so rather than ‘send it away for checking’ Kris simply replaced it on the spot. So, in summary, I am now wearing the best hearing aids I have ever used, giving me a new lease of life in terms of social interaction in a variety of environments. I believe I paid the most competitive price available for the products purchased, in the confidence that Kris’ very competent support is available at any time I may require help. So …. I thoroughly recommend Kris at Focus Hearing to anyone who is seriously interested in a cost effective solution to their hearing problems.”

John Bryant

“I am probably a typical guy who has put off doing anything about my hearing loss for many years. Now that I amwearing hearing aids a whole new world of sounds has returned. So firstly thank you Kris for helping. My hearing aids are great and despite my fear, not many people even notice that I am wearing them.Thank you foryour very personal and professional manner in the way that you helped me. I would recommend to anyone with a hearing issue to consult Focus Hearing as their understanding, sensitivity and knowledge in handling my hearing loss was exceptional.”


“I am a long term hearing aid user of over twenty years. I’ve had various experiences with services from quite good to appalling. I decided to switch from a multinational hearing aid supplier to Focus Hearing due to the price difference. I could not see how the $4,000 difference could be justified by the services offered by the conglomerate. I went into it expecting poorer service at a cheaper price. This was proved totally unfounded. The service was exceptional. I was immediately put at easy by the personal approach, and was given as much support as I could possibly want. I learnt to understand aspects of wearing an aid that had never been explained to me in all those years. Saving money was just the icing on the cake. I recommend them unreservedly.”

Hollie Goikoetxea

“I purchased my Siemens hearing aids from Focus Hearing and I can highly recommend them. They provided great professional advice that was spot on and followed up with service that was the very best I could have wanted. I have recommended my brother to Focus Hearing and I unreservedly recommend them to all who, like me, require professional assistance for hearing that is not as good as it used to be!”

TK – Brookvale, NSW

“Over the past couple of years I found I could not hear clearly. Family and friends kept on about getting my ears checked. I just thought that a lot of people I spoke to mumbled. I had never been good at hearing people in crowded restaurants or pubs, especially if they had no carpet. I was often bending my ear to listen. Then I got my ears tested. Twice. Yes, I needed hearing aids. 20% loss in one and 30% in the other. Come on, I was only 62! I thought hearing aids were for older people and those with industrial hearing damage. Then came the price. I had been quoted up to $12,800 for two. I looked on the internet and researched many brands. Focus Hearing stood out as they were offering, among others, the aids I wanted called Oticon Alta at many thousands of dollars cheaper. I made an inquiry and then an appointment with Focus Hearing and flew up to Sydney from the far south coast of NSW. I then had my ears tested for the third time. And yes, I still needed hearing aids. By the time I met Kris I was no longer in denial and very ready to improve my hearing. At first I found the hearing aids fiddly especially placing these foreign objects into my ears. But Kris was extremely patient with me. I soon got the hang of it. With my improved hearing it was the birds I first heard. Bellbirds. They sound like bells. Just lovely. I had heard them before the aids but not as clearly and did not know that we had so many on our property. Oh and I have to ask my husband to stop shouting. I say “I have my ears in”. After a couple of weeks of wear, I returned to Sydney, for a follow up appointment. I asked questions that sorted out little details for me. Now, it has been 4 or 5 weeks since I first got the aids and my main concern is that they are so comfortable I may forget to take them out. So far, so good. Oh and they are very hard to detect. Many thanks to Focus Hearing. Life has improved. 10 out of 10 for value and service.”

Adriana Turk

“When I went for a hearing test I was quite shocked when it was suggested that I should use hearing devices ! A trial was organised & my world of sound was reignited . Especially when attending business & board meetings. I was definitely missing a huge percentage of proceedings & sometimes embarrassed when joining conversations in a room with a group of people.The initial cost quoted to supply my now treasured Phonak Audeo Q90’s was nearly $10K. After two weeks of Googling hearing aids on the net I discovered Focus Hearing. Kris answered my email the same day & offered to supply the devices at a price that was $3000 cheaper than my previous quote, including full service & guarantees. We then had several conversations discussing my hearing loss , alternative & less expensive devices & after realising Kris had such comprehensive knowledge & patience I felt absolutely comfortable in placing total confidence in Kris & decided to order the devices. Located in regional NSW I planned a visit to Focus Hearing in Sydney & spent 2 hours with Kris for much discussion , fitting & learning about the many accessories Kris included free of charge in my package. Mine was a brilliant experience & love the fact Kris emails me every couple of months to check on my progress. We have tweaked a few things over the past 6 months & to date can honestly say that I am one extremely happy client . Focus Hearing gave me very personal & comprehensive service . Kris has a special quality….”he listens to you ” My confidence in the workplace has lifted considerably ! Thank you Kris for your support & friendship!”

Mark H

“When you find it hard to hear, you want to make sure the other person is listening to you. Kris is a professional and made my daunting hearing issue an easy one to overcome. He made me at feel at ease at all times, explaining my circumstances and the best product on the market for MY needs. Kris is not one to push stock – he genuinely listens to your needs assess the situation and puts forward realistic options available. Thanks again Kris – not only am I overwhelmed with the improvements in my social skills with the hearings aids you recommended – so are all my friends and family. I would highly recommend Kris to anyone looking for a professional with a non-bias approach to purchasing your next hearing aids.”

Patrick Pace

“My experience with Kris Robinson has been a very positive one. Kris is a professional, competent audiologist. I recently took advantage of his expert advice when purchasing new hearing aids. His pricing is very competitive and after sales service is excellent. He has even visited me at home twice so we could test the equipment in situ. I highly recommend his services to any potential purchaser.”

Marcello Constantini

“I have been looking for a suitable hearing aid for quite a while. Most companies charge a lot for premium a product. Kris from Focus Hearing has been very helpful in fitting me my new hearing aids. The pricing was very keen and now I can also say that his service is excellent. He took a lot of time going through everything with me and I very much appreciate the help. I will tell my friends about my experience and can certainly recommend Focus Hearing to anyone wishing to improve their hearing.”

Dieter K

“Having been quoted what seemed an excessive price for hearing aids and finding it difficult to research audiologists who were prepared to provide prices and information on the internet, I was pleased to discover the Focus Hearing website. The reply from Kris was prompt, professional and provided all the information I needed including very competitive prices.”

Bryan Milner

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